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Introducing Points-Finance

POINTS is a fair and transparent ETH redistribution protocol. It uses a random data source that can prove the authenticity of the result to assign game points to players. Players use ETH to join the game to get game points. According to the percentage of points in the game pool, the ETH in the game pool is allocated. The fun of the game is that whether you win or not depends on the luck of others and the timing of your withdrawal. Of course, your luck is also very important.

🎲 Points How To Work

In the POINTS game, when a player joins the game, the POINTS contract will request a random number from the trusted Provable. After Provable receives the request, it will immediately return queryId, which is a unique identifier. The POINTS contract can use it to check its data status. After Provable creates the authenticity certificate, it will send a callback transaction and send the data (or result) together with the “authenticity certificate” to the POINTS contract, which is an encryption guarantee that proves that such data (or result) has not been tampered with. By verifying the validity of this authenticity certificate, anyone can verify whether the sent data (or result) is authentic at any time. The callback transaction includes queryld, result and proof. Finally, the POINTS contract will verify the authenticity proof. Any random number result that fails the verification process will be discarded and the player’s ETH will be returned.

For a more detailed theory of POINTS random data sources, please read the following papers:”A Scalable Architecture for On-Demand, Untrusted Delivery of Entropy”.

🔊 How to verify validity of such authenticity proof

Everyone can verify the result in the details of the game participation record.

🚢 Game Rules

  • POINTS has 3 game pools. The maximum game points that can be obtained by 0.1 ETH in different pools are different. The maximum points that can be obtained in the 3 pools are 10, 50, 100.
  • The threshold to participate in the game is 0.1 ETH.
  • The highest number of points you can get can be expressed by the following formula: P = X * Y / 0.1. The variable X is the ETH invested this time, the variable Y is the maximum points you can get per 0.1 ETH in the game pool, and the variable P is the maximum game points you can get this time. The game points you get this time are between X / 0.1 and P .
You can see the highest return of current investment in real time by adjusting the slider.
  • You can join the game multiple times, and the points earned are accumulated. When you perform the withdrawal operation, your points will be cleared and the accumulation will start again.
  • The amount of ETH you can withdraw depends on your percentage of the total points. Another important factor is how much ETH is in the pool. This formula can be expressed as W = U * E / P, the variable U is your current total number of points, the variable E is the number of ETH in the pool, the variable P is the total number of points in the pool, and the variable W is the current amount of ETH you can withdraw.
  • The game has no expiration time, which means that the number of points and ETH in each pool changes all the time, and the timing of your withdrawal becomes as important as your luck. Of course, you can join and leave the game at any time. It all depends on your wishes.

📢 Generous referral rewards

  • The POINTS game sets three levels of recommendation rewards.
  • The reward for the first level is 1%, the reward for the second level is 0.4%, and the reward for the third level is 0.1%. Only by inviting addresses that have not participated in the game can you get the recommendation reward. Every time the invitee participates in the game, POINTS the contract will automatically send the reward to the corresponding referral address.
  • You must have participated in the game at least once to become a valid referrer.

🕑 Ensuring Project Sustainability

Let us ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of the project. And based on this rule, a more complete community product has been developed. 1.5% of each bet amount is given to the development team, which means that the amount of ETH allocated to the participating pool is the amount after the invitation reward and the development team!

🔐 Security Audit

Security is important to us. We reasonably unit test coverage and have tested that everything works on the testnet.

We are actively promoting contract audit work, but it has not been completed yet.

⚠️ POINTS core code is simple enough for most Solidity developers. Please read the contract carefully before participating in the game! Everything is in the beta, please do so at your own risk.

All contracts written by us should have somewhat reasonable test coverage. We will continue to do more testing. If any of you think there’s any issue with it, please let us know (preferably privately if it’s a severe issue) via Discord.

The contracts are available at

🏁 How Do You Participate In The Game

You can use a PC browser or various wallet apps to access our permanent domain name .

💡 After joining the game, remember to generate your own referral link to invite your friends, otherwise you will miss a good income

📢📢📢 You can join the game from now on!!

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